Welltech CO2 scrubber (Amine scrubber) with the CO2 absorber  (Amine) inside to remove the CO2 breath out from the athletics in order to keep the room with CO2 level  < 1000ppm

During training/ exercise, the CO2 breath out from the athletic is more than 5000ppm. Without the CO2 scrubber, the CO2 level in the chamber can goes to 7000ppm in very short time. It is not health to athletic. Normal accepts level during exercise is <2000ppm.    

Welltech's CO2 scrubber comes with different capacity and size to fit customer's environment.  The scrubber can put inside the room or outside the building.    Detail please refer to the catalog.

The CO2 scrubber has regeneration function, once it absorb the CO2 and saturate, it can regen and reuse. Regeneration procedures is safe and fast.  No chemical solvent is needed.  No compressed air is needed.  Just simply using heated fresh air to purge it at 2-4hours.   And it can regen many times without limit.   

Working Principle

  • Filtering Stage: The room air is passing to the scrubber, the CO2 will be catched at the amine material.  
  • Regeneration Stage: Heated fresh air pass into the scrubber to purge out the CO2.   Regeneration time is 2-4hours.      



  • Hypoxic Chamber
  • Hypoxic Sleeping Room
  • Athletic Training
  • Any human exercise's training
  • Animal Training  
  • Example